Regulatory Compliance Management

What is INOO?

INOO is your Central Regulatory Compliance Office to timely and efficiently manage regulatory requirements, impacts and risks

What does INOO do?

Regulatory WATCH

  • Exhaustive monitoring of regulatory sources throughout Europe​

  • Validation and Insight from a law/advisory firm

Regulatory LIBRARY

  • Regulatory documents stored by Regulatory domain and enriched with value added tags

  • Text can be structured so that you can work directly on specific articles or regulatory requirements (information objects)  

  • Text structure can be set-up by our Partners (law/advisory firms) or you can decide to do it internally.

Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

Collaborative platform with embedded tasks allocation, notification to colleagues, on-line assessments, audit trail:

  • Rapidly assess regulatory requirements around various dimensions
  • Share information, discuss and collaborate thanks to integrated workflows
  • Document analysis and keep audit trail, management decisions
  • Systematic and structured assessment of applicability
  • Link requirements, analysis to internal governance documentation and control to facilitate impacts assessments

INOO's value proposition

Open access

Through INOO open model, the client can choose its law/advisory firm  for the information alerts, insight and advisory.

This model offers you flexibility and ensures the solution is customized to your needs.

Structured Insight

Replace the maelstrom of email alerts and unformatted texts by structured and enriched regulatory information to reduce costs, risks and better position your firm for the future.

User experience

Ease the search of information and the traceability of your work throughout the regulatory process life cycle


Mobilise your colleagues with fluid and targeted communication

Ensure unique reference point across departments and avoid misunderstanding on regulatory requirement interpretation.

Central office

Centrally access information on laws and regulations for your business activities, your tax, your employment matters.

Manage the above spectrum of regulations with your external experts through INOO


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The open model for efficient regulatory compliance management

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